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Combining webcam tech with story telling? Experience The TUBE!

A video walkthrough of

Curious what MIKBook is about? Have a quick look at this video walkthrough of Saving Maggie. Sit back and watch. Want to be part of the story? Solve puzzles? Read at your own pace and experience how YOU will Save Maggie? 

Become a member for just 8 euro and get acces to all the comics for 2 weeks!


Step into
the interactive world of MIKBook

Music, gameplay and sound effects, all brought together in one graphic story. That is, in short: MIKBook.


A passion project of illustrator Maikel Verkoelen. ​ MIKBook is an online platform that focuses on reading longer visual stories.


Something similar to playing a game, watching a movie and listening to music, but always a reading experience. What does that look like? ​


Grab your tablet, dive into a MIKBook and experience it yourself! 

For only 8 euro's you'll get acces to all MIKBooks for 2 weeks! Or try the FREE DEMO's FIRST

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"Sometimes you don't wanna game and just read something! Briljant idea!"   
ProCreate spokesperson @Playgrounds festival Eindhoven

How it works?
Just like a book!

How to read interactive comics like MIKBook

A creaking door. Rumbling. The tension is rising... How cool would it be to make all that tangible? How cool would it be to defuse that bomb yourself? Open a code lock for that door or to find your way through a story with a flashlight? Not only to read a comic, but to really experience it!  ​


To achieve that, reading a MIKBook should be as easy as reading a book. That was the goal. When you start reading a MIKBook, imagine dividing the screen in half. If you tap on the right half of the screen, you move forward in the story. If you tap on the left half, you go back.


Easy peasy!


Read the first 2 chapters for FREE and dive into the world of Saving Maggie, growing up on 18 wheels of steel. Experience the power of music, image and story.


Like a storyboard, but alive!

Interactive comics are, of course not new. In fact, they are a step back. It's not animation. Not a movie or a game. Instead of more, more, more, MIKBook takes a step back. Reading comics is ultimately all about sparking your imagination! Instead of distracting animations, flying text balloons or 3D elements, we added some music, sound effects and gameplay. Just a little more than a physical comic, just enough to remain a reading experience. More than enough to make your imagination pop!


Join us!

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irada talks voice-over @iradatalks voice booth voice-acting

As a illustrator I am always looking for new challenges and creativity is a big part of that. Creating interactive comics opens up a world of possibilities. It's new. It is exciting. And in my opinion, a great addition to the ever-growing world of comics! ​


So much is possible online, where a lot of cool, short comics are shared. Unfortunately, social media does not lend itself for longer stories, sound or interactive elements. And you will rarely find longer visual stories there. ​And that is a pity, because there is still so much beauty to be discovered.


With MIKBook I see so many opportunities online and my fingers are itching to get started! Not only for kids, but also for adult readers. Not only for me, but also for everyone who wants to participate in this project. By using all the possibilities of the digital world, together we can approach comics in a whole new way. 


With a small donation you not only support this project, but also the creators of all these comics. Not only online but also offline in the real world. So we all can spend more time together on even better interactive stories. With MIKBook I see opportunities and possibilities. And I believe comics are still on the verge of great things to come.


Join us! The water is beautifull!




Saving Maggie

Music. Sound. Gameplay. A comic like you never experienced before. Can you Save Maggie?


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Wanna try? 

For a one-time payment of 8 euro's

you'll get acces to all MIKbooks for two weeks!

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